I will provide 200 mix backlinks on high DA,PA sites to boost website for $20

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I will provide 200 mix backlinks on high DA,PA sites to boost website for $20

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I will provide 200 mix backlinks on high DA, PA sites to boost website

We do not work for the website that containsgambling, porn, casinos, and sex-related material.”
In the constantly changing landscape of searchengine optimization (SEO), backlinks remain an essential cornerstone for achieving success. Mixed backlinks encompass a diverse array of backlinks acquired from various sources, each with its own distinct characteristics. They play a pivotal role as part of an off-page SEO strategy. Here, I offer exclusive and enduring backlinks, ensuring a 100% guarantee of quality and permanence.


  • Maximize Customer Potential
  • Enhance Your Website’s Domain Authority and Ranking
  • Achieve a 100% Increase in Google Ranking
  • Amplify Organic Traffic from Search Engines
  • Heighten Domain Authority/Rating
  • Post Niche-Relevant Articles
  • Produce High-Quality Blog Content
  • Optimize Content with Images, Titles, and Keywords
  • Fortify Backlinks through Interlinking andOutlining
  • Convert Published Articles into Super Web 2.0Backlinks
  • Utilize Drip Feed for Expedited Indexing

Our Package includes:

  • High DA Profiles
  • SEO contextual backlinks
  • 70 Public Web 2.0s & Blogs
  • 71 PDF submission
  • 49 Classified ads posting
  • PDF backlinks
  • Bonus mixed backlinks(Forum Posting/Local Citations)

Why choose us:

  • Premium Backlinks
  • Top-notch Mixed Backlinks
  • 100% Live Backlink Assurance
  • Handcrafted with Care
  • Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Elevated Website Ranking
  • Secure Link Building with Keyword and URL Anchors
  • Backlinks from Esteemed, Authoritative Domains
  • Enhanced Organic Keyword Rankings
  • Clickable Links Throughout
  • Ethical Link Building Practices
  • Round-the-Clock Support
  • Absolute Client Satisfaction


Q: What details do you require to initiate linkbuilding?
A: To commence, I’ll need the URLs you wantbacklinked and any relevant keywords you can provide. If you’re unsure about
keywords, I can assist in selecting them.

Q: Can you ensure the permanence of backlinks?
A: Yes, all links are intended to be permanent.However, if a website disallows linking, I’ll proactively create additional
links at no extra cost to ensure the desired quantity remains active. I’ll
continue to support you indefinitely.

Q:Is this process manual?
A: Absolutely, all tasks are performed manuallyfollowing white-hat SEO practices.

Q: Will you share login details?
A: Yes, complete login details will be provided.

Q: How soon will I notice results from off-page SEOefforts?
A: Typically, improvements in search enginerankings and website traffic become noticeable within 2-3 months of initiating
the service, though actual timing can vary.

Q: How often will I receive progress reports?
A: Monthly reports outlining backlinks and rankingprogress are standard, but I can share daily work reports upon request.

Q: Do you offer other SEO services besides off-pageoptimization?
A: Yes, we provide a range of SEO services,including on-page optimization, keyword research, and SEO audits. Feel free to
inquire for more details.

Q: Are automated tools used to create backlinks?
A: No, all backlinks are manually created by ourskilled team to maintain top-notch quality.

Q:What if I’m unsatisfied with the service?
A: We stand by our satisfaction guarantee. Ifyou’re not happy, we’ll work to rectify the situation or provide a refund.

Q:Do you create all backlinks simultaneously?
A: No, we employ a natural drip-feeding processover 1-3 weeks to avoid appearing spammy to Google.

Q:What sets your SEO tactics apart?
A: We utilize our proprietary “ShellSystem,” a white-hat strategy aligned with Google’s guidelines, ensuring
no black-hat practices are involved.

Q: Do you focus solely on high DA backlinks?
A: We recommend a mix of DA ~20-80 to maintainnatural indexing, as exclusively using very high DAs can raise red flags with

Q: How long before Google ranking improvements areevident?
A: Typically, progress is noticeable within 4-5weeks, as we follow a natural link-building process to steer clear of Google

Q: Can you assist with keyword research?
A: Certainly, we conduct thorough research,including local analysis, to provide optimal keywords for your SEO campaign.

Q: What’s needed to begin off-page SEO?
A: Your website URL, keywords (we can assist ifneeded), and your email. Additional brand details and target audience
information may be requested for campaign success.

Q: What types of backlinks do you create?
A: We focus on maintaining a diverse backlinkprofile, including profiles, forums, Q&A, contextual, tiered, web 2.0, and
comment backlinks.

Q: Is it necessary to contact you before ordering?
A: While optional, communication is recommended fora personalized approach, ensuring the best service. Feel free to message for

Q: Can you guarantee a #1 Google rank?
A: Unfortunately, specific rankings can’t beguaranteed due to the complexity of SEO. Guarantees of this nature often
involve scams or black-hat methods.

Q: What types of backlinks do you build – dofollow,nofollow, or both?
A: We focus on a natural backlink profile,including both dofollow and nofollow high authority backlinks, following a
tiered approach.

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